Taking the Mess and Mistakes Out of Tube Feeding!


We strive to make tube feeding a better experience for everyone involved. After realizing the great amount of struggle that comes with the process, we realized something was missing. The TubieGuard is a case that protects various feeding tube connections from accidentally disconnecting or being tampered with. We are confident that you will have success and safe use of this product because we use it ourselves. With The TubieGuard, there are fewer messes, less money spent, and far fewer tears from both parents and children!


The TubieGuard is a Tube Feeding Case that protects your feeding tube from disconnecting.

The TubieGuard will help reduce the waste of expensive formula and other supplemental nutrition.

The TubieGuard will help bring some style to tube feeding with fun colors and works on most feeding tubes.


Improve your family’s feeding time by investing in The TubieGuard today.

The TubieGuard is Improving All Patient Care Involving External Feeding Tubes
Add more comfort and benefit for your patient by decreasing waste, money and frustration.
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