Our TubieGuard story actually begins with the birth of our lovely daughter, McKenna, three years ago. Despite being a beautiful, bright and active girl, “MK” early on exhibited symptoms necessitating ongoing treatment including the use of a gastric feeding tube. Luckily, MK is under the care of the great doctors and researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital, but tube feeding has become an integral part of our family’s life.

So, after MANY frustrating hours of dealing with leaking G-tubes, wasting bag after bag of expensive formula, and losing countless hours of sleep, my husband Ryan and I had enough, not to mention McKenna!

Not recognizing any viable apparatus on the market to help us, and not being offered any through the various hospitals treating us, we decided to design and build our own: The TubieGuard! The response from other Tubie parents we shared with, as well as the volume of positive comments from the hands on nurses and doctors helping MK, convinced us we were doing the right thing and encouraged us to start our award winning company. We truly believe there is a larger purpose behind our family’s challenges.

Our mission at The TubieGuard is simple. We exist to help as many parents, families and caregivers as possible, that are in situations like ours, stop wasting time, energy and money. We strive to make their lives easier and their children and patients healthier and happier at the most reasonable cost possible.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and helped make The TubieGuard a success.

Jill S. Duval
President and Co-founder