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Enteral Feeding Tube Safety for Institutions

  We would like to introduce a device that promotes enteral feeding tube safety. Patients who require enteral feeding must receive all their nutrition through their tubing. For infants and small children, having feeding tubes disconnect during the process wastes formula, does not achieve the objective, and makes everyone very unhappy.  The TubieGuard is a… Continue Reading →

Feeding Tube Lock for Infants

  TubieGuard for Secure Tube Feeding   TubieGuard is a feeding tube lock that will prevent leakage and accidental feeding tube separation. TubieGuard fills a need for solving enteral tube feeding problems that arise. With infants and young children, accidental tube separation can cause misery for the child and caregiver alike! The TubieGuard is a… Continue Reading →

Enteral Feeding Tube Lock for Institutions

We invented an enteral feeding tube lock that patients in your institution will benefit from immediately! Everybody’s talking about The TubieGuard, a revolutionary device to secure enteral feeding tubes where they connect. The TubieGuard is a device that has changed enteral tube feeding for every single user! The TubieGuard was designed and developed by Jill… Continue Reading →

Enteral Tube Feeding Accessory

Prevent tampering with an enteral tube feeding accessory specifically designed to protect the integrity of feeding tubes where they connect. Caregivers agree that accidental separation of feeding tube connectors is a real problem. The TubieGuard is an accessory for tube feeding that takes the guesswork – and accidents – out of enteral nutrition. TubieGuard was… Continue Reading →

Accessory For Tube Feeding

  Accessory For Tube Feeding The TubieGuard is Improving All Patient Care Involving External Feeding Tubes The inventors of The TubieGuard have invented an accessory for Tube Feeding that will prevent spills, accidental tube separation and waste.  The TubieGuard is a plastic case that snaps closed around feeding tube connectors. A secured connection is leakproof,… Continue Reading →

Tube Feeding Accessories

  Tube Feeding Accessories   We would like to introduce a tube feeding accessory that will make enteral feeding for caregivers and patients a better experience. Tube Feeding is an effective method of delivering nutrition directly into the stomach when the patient is unable to eat and drink normally. Liquid enteral nutrition is carefully calculated… Continue Reading →

The TubieGuard for Institutions

The TubieGuard is a protective case for Enteral Feeding Tubes Enteral tube feeding is used to deliver a patient’s daily nutrition when he cannot eat or drink safely, or is unable to attain adequate oral nutrition. There are over 340 medical conditions and therapies which require installation of a feeding tube for delivering nutrition directly into… Continue Reading →