Enteral Feeding Tube Safety for Institutions

Enteral Feeding Tube Safety for Institutions


We would like to introduce a device that promotes enteral feeding tube safety. Patients who require enteral feeding must receive all their nutrition through their tubing. For infants and small children, having feeding tubes disconnect during the process wastes formula, does not achieve the objective, and makes everyone very unhappy.  The TubieGuard is a protective case for enteral feeding tubes that locks around the feeding tube connectors.

There are over 340 medical conditions and therapies which require installation of a feeding tube for delivering nutrition directly into the gut. The feeding tube helps to improve and/or maintain nutritional intake. Tube feeding is done in the home, in hospitals, in nursing facilities and other institutions, on infants, children, and adults of all ages. One major source of frustration and waste with tube feeding occurs due to leakage or disconnection of the components. Jill and Ryan Duval designed and built The TubieGuard when their own tube feeding experience led to sleepless nights, wasted formula and distress for their young daughter. The TubieGuard is a protective case for enteral feeding tubes, eliminating tampering and accidental disconnection.

The TubieGuard has proven to be an effective tool for all types of Enteral feeding, patient care and maintenance. Using The TubieGuard will help reduce the waste of expensive formula and other supplemental nutrition as well as save skilled labor time, money and frustration. A patient’s comfort and treatment experience will be enhanced significantly using The TubieGuard. Appropriate clients for The TubieGuard include General Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Care Facilities, and Rehabilitation Centers. Care providers and administrators may email or call (781) 264-0229 for institutional pricing and ordering. A TubieGuard product specialist will contact you immediately.


Enteral Feeding Tube Safety for Institutions | The TubieGuard


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