Secure Enteral Tube Feeding

Secure Enteral Tube Feeding

enteral tube feeding


TubieGuard Secures Your Feeding Tube

We would like to show you our accessory for secure enteral tube feeding: the TubieGuard! What are some of the challenges faced by patients who rely on enteral tube feeding for their nutrition? Accidental separation, leakage, and tampering are three hazards of unsecured feeding tube connectors. The terminal ends of the feeding tubes are vulnerable to separation. Because feeding solutions are expensive and the patient relies entirely on this delivery system, leaks and accidental separation of tubing should be avoided.

Tube Feeding delivers nutrition directly into the stomach when the patient is unable to eat and drink normally. Liquid enteral nutrition is carefully calculated for every meal, and maintaining feeding tube integrity is important. Caregivers for infants, children, and adults of all ages that are dependent upon feeding tubes agree that accidental separation of feeding tube connectors is a real problem. There was a need for a more secure method of maintaining the integrity of enteral tube connections, so we invented a tube feeding accessory that takes the worry out of tube feeding.

With The TubieGuard feeding tube accessories, instances of accidental feeding tube separation are greatly diminished. The TubieGuard is a plastic case that snaps closed around feeding tube connectors. A secured connection is leakproof, the patient receives the prescribed feeding solution, and there is a reduced risk of tampering. The TubieGuard will accommodate all brands and styles of enteral tube feeding connectors and is available in three colors.

The TubieGuard makes enteral feeding for caregivers and patients a better experience. A patient’s treatment experience will be enhanced significantly using The TubieGuard in General Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Care Facilities, and Rehabilitation Centers. Care providers and administrators may email or call (781) 264-0229 for institutional pricing and ordering. A TubieGuard product specialist will contact you immediately.

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